Children’s Education

With us everything should be secondary compared to our concern with children, and their upbringing in the instruction and teaching of the Lord." St. John Chrysostom Nursery and Sunday School are provided at the 9:00 am service.

Children 4 and older meet at the Parish Hall (across from the Delafield Post Office). This year students will be following in Jesus' footsteps.

The four through eight-year olds will receive a new Bible, and all children will be receiving memory verses and prayers.

Parents, challenge yourselves to learn them as well, and remember to encourage the children of the parish to learn their verses and prayers. Each Sunday that the children come prepared with their verses or prayers, they will earn a prayer bead to make their own Rosary.
Children ages 1-3 meet at the Little Red School House, adjacent to the church. If you have an infant, please feel free to come with them and join in the singing and dancing which is being lead by Mary Lloyd Lynn Murphy.

Please check our church newsletter for current lessons.